Where to Buy Cuban Cigars

Where to Buy Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars have earned its mark not only in the movies but also in the lives of mostly seniors, who love to smell the smoke coming from that particular cigar. The popularity if this cigar has reached every shore in this universe. Where to buy this type of cigar might be a challenge for some, especially those who are new to this type of cigars. There are actually a lot of players in the market that supplies and transports this type of cigars. The main goal of these companies is to ship and deliver the Cuban Cigars in the best possible stated.

How to Search For Cuban Cigars Stores?

The most convenient place for you to search for you to search for Cuban cigars is through the internet. In this platform, you will be able to find a store that is near your place; however, if you are from US, Cuban cigars are against the rules in the US because of the embargo.  US citizen can still buy Cuban cigars if it’s pre-embargo cigars, which is quite expensive. Any US resident who is found bringing Cuban cigar is subjected to penalties and fine. But if you are out of the country for a vacation, you can look for Cuban cigars in some of the hotel lounges and other specialty store.

Recommendations from friends are also informative. They can spread the word either in social media sites or through your conversation. This is one of the securest means to get access to the authentic Cuban cigars.

Cuban Cigars Suppliers

Tapping the services of Cuban cigar suppliers is as precious as the cigar in itself. There are definitely a lot of suppliers in the market today waiting to serve you. However, the challenge lies on how good their shipment is and the whole product. Cuban cigars are the best in the world, and this is undisputed. But there are other countries that are also exporting cigar that is good quality as well; good enough to compete with the Cuban cigars.

When you look for suppliers of this particular brand, there are things you need to consider;

•  Experience – check the company’s existence; like for how long have they been shipping/supplying Cuban cigars and to where.

•  Check for reputations – some suppliers posted some of the feedbacks in their sites, which is beneficial for you. In here, you will get the chance to know how good and professional the company is. Previous customers won’t hesitate to share their comments on line if they find the service more than satisfactory.   

•  Know the supplier’s manner of shipment – some suppliers have included vital information, in their site, as to who they are going to transport your order and other measures to keep the Cuban Cigars in its best once it has reached its destination.

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