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Looking for unique smoking accessories like hand-blown pipes, hoookahs and more? Find it here with us today! About Us: Burn is a smoke shop/head shop serving the Long Island community. We…

2 hunts to the same woods over the past month. I researched this area, but not finding any coins. Sometimes there’s more trash in the woods than the ghetto.
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  1. Eric Berger says:
  2. Sovde e says:

    Steampunk pot pipe

  3. 0BarberDan0 says:

    lol…didn’t need a detector to find that car. 😀 The area looks
    promising…..trees are relatively young. Nice looking ring! have you tried
    the TTF program?

  4. MrJohnson448 says:

    congrats on the silver ring and the pot pipe. Probably get more for that
    than the man.

  5. DetectingMetal says:

    @AmericanCoinHunting Thanks for watching, Dave. Keep the vids coming…HH

  6. DetectingMetal says:

    @CladCoin I wish I had something to pack in there, lol. Thanks for watching

  7. DetectingMetal says:

    @angelripper1 Cool. Thanks for watching, HH

  8. Yulelah says:

    Great video ! Congrats on a nice silver ring ! Good luck on your next hunt !

  9. DetectingMetal says:

    @0BarberDan0 The locals were using this place as a garbage dump. There’s
    just too much huge pieces of scrap in the ground, pipes, engine blocks,

  10. DirtyDeedsDigger says:

    nice looking ring.. congrats and HH

  11. DetectingMetal says:

    @ironman200081 I know there’s coins at this site, just too much damn trash
    even for the etrac. Thanks for watching…HH

  12. CladCoin says:

    Awesome Silver ring find !!! Might as well pack the pipe ! HHing !

  13. ironman200081 says:

    Good research. Keep pounding those old sites, and trust the E-Trac to see
    through the junk. The coins are there, you will find them.

  14. micmoable says:

    scrap that old vehicle for cash man—be couple hundred bucks at least.neat
    ring.neat musket ball.that surface find was a drug pipe . I’ve even found
    drug hideaway block on beach with crack pipe inside—needless to say, I
    chunked it in the water and kept on detecting—I dang sure wasn’t going to
    tote that thing a hundred yards to my car or to the trash cans to throw it
    away. I stay away from that trash!

  15. AmericanCoinHunting says:

    Nice hunt & Cool finds man .

  16. DetectingMetal says:

    @DirtyDeedsDigger Thanks for watching DDD…. HH

  17. DetectingMetal says:

    @MrJohnson448 I might throw the pipe on ebay for the hell of it. Will have
    to strip it clean of residue first, lol. Thanks for watching….HH

  18. DetectingMetal says:

    @Yulelah Thanks Yulelah….HH

  19. DetectingMetal says:

    Thanks for watching. I just moved further North in CT. Still in The
    Southeast area.

  20. CladCoin says:

    LOLing my a_ _ off !!!

  21. angelripper1 says:

    I found that same exact identical ring last year in my neighbors yard with
    my garrett.

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